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Re: sasl proxy authorization and regexp

fre, 26.03.2004 kl. 14.04 skrev Raissa Dantas Freire de Medeiros:

What Openldap version, what OS, what distro? What are you trying to

> the user Joao authorizes the user fgoulart. But when I try to use the regexp, joao does not authorizes fgoulart.

The above line does not make any sense to me - i.e., I cannot understand

> Could anybody help me, please?

Possibly ;) Mine works for me. But it looks as if you are trying to bite
off more than you can chew in one mouthful. You haven't mentioned, for
example what else you have done. What does your slapd.conf sasl-regexp
look like? Prove that you have compiled Openldap with SASL support at
all ;)



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