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Need SASL idiot-proof walkthrough

Hello everyone,

So far, no one has been able to decipher my SASL problem from my postings of
log files and conf files etc.  I have even cleanly reinstalled my machines.
There is something basic and simple and stupid that I must be missing.  Can
someone please give me a step-by-step walkthrough based on the following
information so I could make doubly sure that I am doing things properly?

I have a KDC (running MIT KRB) on labrador.kerb.uta.edu.  I have an OpenLDAP
2.2.7 box running on omicron.kerb.uta.edu. I have a realm KERB.UTA.EDU.  I
have a user dn: uid=digant,cn=people,dc=uta,dc=edu.

An idiot-proof walkthrough would really help and I *KNOW* that's asking a
lot out of people and I wholely apologize for that.  I've done it on my own
and no one can see a problem with the way I did it but it still doesn't
work.  So if someone can give me a step by step on which principals to
create, what entry to create in the LDAP and what to put in the slapd.conf
(and any other important steps), I promise I will buy you a pizza!

(I won't detail how I've been doing it so far b/c I don't want to prejudice
the feedback)

-- Digant