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problems inserting certificates in ldif files

Hi all!
I set up an OpenLDAP server successfully, but i have a problem inserting certificate data for entries.
The problem is in the line with the command 'usercertificate;binary'
If i write usercertificate;binary... (without a space between), when i try to insert it in the database it says that it's an unrecognized attribute
If i write usercertificate ;binary... (with a space), it recognizes the attribute, but it refuses to insert, saying that something is wrong in the value. It happens whatever format i try (pem, der, base64, crt), and both using the :<file:// syntax and the :: <base64> one.
I am using openldap 2.1.25...
Thanx a lot in advance!!!!
Diego Quintano

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