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Re: Athenticating with LDAP (newbie question)

ons, 24.03.2004 kl. 16.26 skrev Stephen Rasmussen:

> My LDAP server does not require authentication to return search
> results.  In fact, if you try to set an email application to
> authenticate against the LDAP server, either using current username
> and password OR a specified username and password, you get a server
> error and no results.  
> Now, I have an application which REQUIRES me to set up LDAP
> authentication using username and password for it to work.  So, my
> question is, how do I change my LDAP server to either require, or as
> an option, accept authentication using username and password.  I have
> searched for an answer for this, and either cannot find it, or do not
> understand what I have found.

So what LDAP server do you have? I have Openldap, and mine doesn't do
that ;)



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