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Re: [Meta/OT] Spam from someone on this list

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Tony Earnshaw wrote:

> Very much OT; get lots of that and block it on this machine with Postfix
> header_checks, on others with amavisd-new/SA (don't forget that mime can
> be headers, throughout the whole of a missidge).

But from someone on the list?  My first in two years.

> > The headers can't be trusted, of course,
> Quite the reverse in fact, if you're looking for the right headers.

Wrong; the only header that can be trusted is the top-most Received:
header (your mail server) plus any hops within your domain.  And even
then, it replies upon the DNS being trusted.

> Don't have any DOS-boxs.

Neither do I, but I'll bet a lot of others do.  And being infected is
utterly inexcusable.

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