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Re: Spam from someone on this list

tir, 16.03.2004 kl. 23.09 skrev Dave Horsfall:

> Anyone else get a graphical spam, with what looks like a Russian GIF?
> The bozo in question appears to have one of the latest stupid Windoze
> thingies going around, and doesn't know it.

Very much OT; get lots of that and block it on this machine with Postfix
header_checks, on others with amavisd-new/SA (don't forget that mime can
be headers, throughout the whole of a missidge).

> The headers can't be trusted, of course,

Quite the reverse in fact, if you're looking for the right headers.

>  but if your ISP is
> cmailg1.svr.pol.co.uk [] then you might want to see what's
> on your DOS-box.

Don't have any DOS-boxs.

Follow up to the SANS/ISC dshield mailing list ;)



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