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Re: entryUUID in DN

entryUUID is an operational attribute and hence cannot be
used in naming.  Instead, just stuff a UUID (or other
appropriately unique value) you generate into an appropriate
naming attribute.


At 04:50 PM 3/13/2004, ms419@freezone.co.uk wrote:
>I'm creating arbitrary "uniqueIdentifiers" for several entries - to construct unique DNs (because none of their fields are consistently unique, and because storing them hierarchically doesn't make sense - most fields are multi valued). This, however, is a bit of a hassle - and entries are already augmented with "entryUUIDs", "entryCSNs", and "createTimestamps". But I don't know how including - for instance - "entryUUID" in an entry's DN would work - the entry can't be created without a DN, and the "entryUUID" isn't available till the entry's created. I don't suppose there's a syntax:
>dn: entryUUID=@UUID@,ou=Zones,dc=lat
>or something? Or is this just silly?