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memory leak, or "normal" behaviour?

Hi, everyone

I've been testing my installation (openldap v. 2.1.25) lately, and run into something that looks like a memory leak to me. What I did is rather simple:

1) run { for (( i=0; i<2000; i++ )) ; do { sleep 1; time -f "%E" ldapwhoami &} ;  done; }
2) watch the "top" output on server, sorted by memory usage.

This was primarly intended as a prood of the memory leak that is supposed to exist when openldap is compiled against MIT kerberos, and SASL/GSSAPI authentication is used, and the first part of the test looked as if the problem were confirmed.
That is, memory usage of slapd (as shown by top) grows continuusly with every new SASL/GSSAPI bind

                VIRT        RES        SHR                
test start        4836        4828        3384
+2000 binds:        5020        5012        3392

Morover, a sleep of 0.1s already kills the slapd, which is definitively not nice.

Stupid part is that I get a similar growth in the slapd size with simple bind as well, which makes the test completely useless:

                VIRT        RES        SHR
slapd restart        3308        3300        2540          
+2000 binds        4292        4284        3028  
+2000 binds        4432        4424        3028  

Good news is that simple bind does not kill slapd, and that the growth isn't very steep (restarting slapd once/day should be enough to keep the system running fine in my environment), but I still find this memory footprint growth ugly.


1) Am I the only one experiencing this? (Could someone pls. test at his site.)
2) Is this considered a bug, or is a "normal" behaviour for openldap?
3) In case of a bug, has this been fixed in some later version of openldap?
3) In case this is "normal", is there an upper limit on memory footprint growth, or is it going to continue growing until big bang?


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