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Re: Simple binds authenticating against Kerberos


Digant Kasundra <digant@uta.edu> writes:

> Hello,

> I'm relatively new at mixing OpenLDAP and Kerberos so please bear with me.  We have
> some apps that can only do simple binds to LDAP but we want to manage all our
> passwords in the Kerberos realm.  I know there is a way to use SASL such that a
> person can get a ticket from kerberos and than use it to access LDAP.

> But lets say the person just does a simple bind to LDAP.  Is there a way to tell
> OpenLDAP to use than username and password against Kerberos to see if it is valid? 
> It seems the OpenLDAP manual parts that I've seen don't seem to address this (to my
> understanding).

There has been a solution on this list a couple of days ago, combining
the pam modules pam_ldap, pam_unix2 and pam_krb5. So if your system
supports pam, just change pam_krb5afs to pam_krb5



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