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Re: Laser mail routting schema

ons, 10.03.2004 kl. 18.40 skrev Medievalist:

> The sendmail/laser stuff is in the /etc/openldap/schema/misc.schema file that 
> Red Hat distributes as part of their OpenLDAP server package; I honestly don't 
> know if misc.schema came from the OpenLDAP project or from Red Hat.  This is is 
> what I use (I call it sendmail.schema):

I thought what was being talked about was the original (long dead)
Lachman(n?)-Laser draft, which tell one how it works. All the schema
stuff has long been present in Openldap - and I've used it for smtp for
ages. I'd love to know where a copy of the - extinct - draft hangs out,
I burned mine up long ago.



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