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Re: migrating passwd from NIS to LDAP

Tony Earnshaw <tonye@billy.demon.nl> writes:

> No secret. Short as possible, from now on this is stuff for the Padl
> pamldap list, so all further questions there ;)

Hopefully the following question is back on topic...

> 1: To login via ssh a user has to have a login shell and a home
> directory. More important, the user has to have a UID and a GID known to
> the system.
> 2: To use something like Mozilla's LDAP client he doesn't.
> So, add objectClass'es posixAccount and posixGroup to your users and
> make sure they have at least a UID and UIDNR (corresponding to their
> /etc/passwd UID and UIDNR), a GIDNR (/etc/passwd GID and /etc/group GID)
> a CN, and if you want them to be able to log in, a login directory and a
> login shell.

So: how do I get slapd to tell me "I couldn't authenticate you because
you  don't  have  a  [UID/UIDNR/GID/etc.]"  rather  than  "TLS:  can't

Thanks for all the answers so far!