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Re: migrating passwd from NIS to LDAP

Tony Earnshaw <tonye@billy.demon.nl> writes:

> tir, 09.03.2004 kl. 19.37 skrev Chris Majewski:
>> I've also  set up my server  to do TLS. So  far, I can  look people up
>> by pointing Mozilla's  Addressbook to my LDAP server.  I check the SSL
>> box,  type in the  userid of  someone in  my database.  Then I  get an
>> authentication window.  I type in my  password, and the  entry for that
>> person appears.  So far  so good. Now  I would  like to use  this LDAP
>> database  as  my  passwd  database   (currently  I  use  NIS).  In  my
>> nsswitch.conf I have this:
>>               passwd: files ldap
>> In  my /etc/ldap.conf  I've put  some stuff  that seems  more  or less
>> correct (the documentation on this is not exactly plentiful). 
>> Now, I know this isn't working because when I type ssh I get this:
>>      You don't exist, go away! 
> I love that!
> The thing is, that your Posix account (compare it to /etc/passwd) for
> cn: Xiushan(Shaun) Feng Doesn't exist, yet. You have to make it. Maybe
> /etc/group and /etc/shadow, too. 

But I'm  not Xiushan Feng! I'm  Chris! And I  do have an entry  in the
database,  similar to the  entry I  pasted before.  This entry  is not
exactly a passwd  entry though -- for example, it  doesn't say what my
home directory is.  What kind of entry is  pam_ldap expecting exactly,
(or is that a secret)? 

> What OS and distro? (don't tell me, Windows XP, heh?) 

RedHat 9. 

> What Openldap version? 

rpm -qa says: