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Back-Sql MySQL

	Now I know you all read a lot of posts about this particular
subject so I'm going to try and make this as easy as possible. I'm sorry
about having to ask, but I've read everything I could possibly find on
this subject (which isn't much btw) and I'm still thoroughly confused.
Let me get the basics out of the way:
	First, the reason I MUST install back-sql is because I work at
an ISP and we have a bandwidth manager (Allot) that uses LDAP Queries in
order to add users to certain pipes and whatnot. The problem is that our
user database and rate groups are maintained on a MySQL database. I am a
100% newbie when it comes to database management and basically read to
learn which is why I'm having a problem with this. If anyone knows of a
better way to go about transferring a MySQL database to BDB or a better
way to get the Allot box to make LDAP queries to a MySQL database, I'd
love to hear it.
	Now on to the juicy parts. I'm running RedHat 8.0 with OpenLDAP
2.1.25. All the MyODBC drivers have been installed (current release) and
the interaction between the database and ODBC seems to be working just
fine. I loaded all the test scripts from rdbms_depend/mysql into my
MySQL database and the tables and information show up. Here's where I
get stuck because when I go to start slapd -d 5, I get this:

<<snip snip snip>>>
load_schema_map(): autoadding 'objectClass' and 'ref' mappings
load_schema_map(): error executing at_query: 
Return code: -1
Native error code: 1054
SQL engine state: S0022
Message: [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-3.23.58-Max]Unknown column
'sel_expr_u' in 'field list'
backsql_free_db_conn(): closing db connection
backsql_db_open(): connection failed, exiting
backend_startup: bi_db_open(0) failed! (1)
slapd shutdown: initiated
slapd shutdown: freeing system resources.
==>free_oc(): 'inetOrgPerson'
==>free_attr(): 'ref'
==>free_attr(): 'objectClass'
slapd stopped.
connections_destroy: nothing to destroy.

I saw someone post this in this mailing list elsewhere and the response

"Because metadata in the test is no longer aligned with the code;
"mysql" test data is not actively maintained, basically because I had no
time to set up a mysql and test it.  The only rdbms I actively etsted
and maintained is postgres.  From what I infer, you don't have any sql
data to present in LDAP form, so you don't really need mysql, you can
live with postgres as well; or you can update mysql examples according
to postgres' ones (and sumbit a patch via ITS :)"

At this point I'm baffled. Can someone help me out? Even if it's just
simple suggestions like better ways to be going about what I'm trying to
do, I'd appreciate anything. If this is not enough information, I
apologize. I tried to keep the post short enough for people to not get
mad while leaving the key information intact. At this point, I'm either
going to drop the whole project, or start throwing machines out the
window. Thanks.

Adam Towarnyckyj