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Re: back-sql: custom attribute list: segmentation fault

Nikola Ivancevic wrote:

Yes, there is the definition of 'gecos' attribute for oc 'myposixAccount'. But oc dcObject has not such an attribute (gecos).
I do not undertand why the backend tries to obtain 'gecos' from a dcObject in spite of the fact that this attribute is not defined for dcObject class. I assume that such objects should be ignored.

Good point. It tries to get that attribute because your entry could have more than one objectClass, and, since that attribute is listed in the requested attrs, the easiest way to assess if it's present or not was to request it. It is the repository's responsibility to ensure that such attribute is not available for entries whose objectclasses do not allow it. I'll consider adding such test to future releases.

I've just tried OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_2 and now slapd does not crash!

OK, it was the same bug, which caused requests for an attribute which was not available for an entry to crash in some circumstances. It should be fixed right now. Thanks for testing.


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