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saslAuthz failing to *compare*

I running OpenLDAP 2.1.22 and setting up, well modifying my SASL proxy
Auth setup
I had a saslAuthzto entry of 'uid=.*,ou=People,o=MyOrg,c=US' and that
works, but now I'm restructuring things in my LDAP and needing a
saslAuthzTo entry of this 'uid=.*,ou=Users,.*,ou=Domains,o=MyOrg,c=US'
And that refuses to match...
the user DN is now like this.
Which should match (and does match with every other Regex engine, and in
the ACL tables them selves).
Any ideas? Have I found a bug?
Edward Rudd <eddie@omegaware.com>
Website http://outoforder.cc/