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Modify: Object class violation

      I'm using PHP compiled with OpenLDAP to connect to a number of LDAP
servers to update/syncronize passwords.  I've had good luck thus far with
both eDirectory and Domino.  I'm now tying to update Netscape LDAP password
and getting a Warning: ldap_modify(): Modify: Object class violation when i
attempt to modify the userpassword attribute.  I can still modify any other
attribute, but just not hte passwords.

I'm fairly new to LDAP and am curious if this would most likely mean that
the ID that i'm binding with does not have access to change that attribute.
At first glance that does not seem to be it for me, becuase if i change to
an anonymous bind, i get an insufficient acess error.  Which leads me to
believe i've forgotten a step requried by Netscapes LDAP...

in a nutshell my process is:
bind as admin
search for my user
get my users DN from the serach results
modify attributes based on that DN
      I can modify givenname and sn but not userpassword.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, and i'd be happy to supply any
other information.