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Re: forwarding search queries + auth across multiple backends

I suggest you file an ITS with the additional info you
provided (you may refer to the archived message instead
of reposting all the files) so it gets easier to keep
track of this problem.  By the way, you never mentioned
what software version you're using.

Your first message is



> On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 20:02, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> hi,
>> It could be a problem in back-sql, I need to check
>> how it behaves when when searches are abandoned or
>> when a connection is lost.  Can you detail what you
>> exactly do to cause the problem with back-sql
>> in the glue sequence?  Does the problem persist
>> if you use back-sql by itself, without glueing it
>> to another database?
> ok.. to reproduce the problem:
> 1) setup a (postgres) db with the example files in rdbms_depend/pgsql/
> 2) the attached file ldbm-testdata.txt contains the testdata which i
> used for the ldbm backend. i just used 'c=RU' as root, so that i don't
> have to modify the sql example.
> 3) when i do a 'ldapsearch -b "c=RU"' and cancel it somewhere in the
> middle, the next time i start it no objects are returned (and i have to
> restart slapd). if i cancel it near the end of the output, sometimes the
> next run succeeds.
> if i just use back-sql (without another database) and cancel the
> operation i can't reproduce the problem.
> cu
> /gst

Pierangelo Masarati