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Stanford moves to OL 2.2.6 for production

Since people are asking about this --

I started pushing OL 2.2.6 out to our production servers after having tested 2.2 for the last couple of months.

For our configuration:

BDB backend
Shared memory cache instead of disk cache
slurpd replication

Note that the 2.2.6 release announcement failed to note a move from a Hash style indices to btree style indices for BDB & HDB backends. You can see the effects of this migration at:


We will probably use HDB in the future, but there is more testing I want to do with HDB before we make that move. I agree completely with Frank that syncRepl is not ready for a production environment.

I'll note that there are steps you'll want to take in upgrading from a 2.1 DB to a 2.2 DB:

1) (2.1) slapcat your database to file A
2) cat A | grep -v ^entryCSN: | grep -v ^entryUUID > B
3) (2.2) slapadd B

The format for entryCSN changed in 2.2, which can affect syncRepl whenever it is ready. So best to spare yourself the pain now and get those bits rebuilt by the 2.2 slapadd. entryUUID may or may not need to be rebuilt, but it doesn't hurt anything to have it reconstructed.


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