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Re: [Lam-public] ssl not working with ldap-lam

Hi all,

Hope this message will help some persons here.
I was about 2 weeks now fighting with OpenLDAP SSL + LAM
And finally I have found what happen:
I had two files ldap.conf in my Mandrake9.2 server (don't now why):
1- /etc/openldap/ldap.conf
2- /etc/ldap.conf

I was modifing the wrong file !!! (/etc/openldap/ldap.conf) witch was
not read by the system.
finally , putting all the SSL options into the good file
(/etc/ldap.conf), now it work good with LAM.

But, for searching with "ldapsearch" into a console mode in the server  
The user must have the env variable LDAPTLS_CACERT.

> It works adding "env LDAPTLS_CACERT/path/to/my/cacert.pem"

I can go on translate "lam" to french now! °-)


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