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Re: unrecognized objectClass 'domain'

mailinglists wrote:

sentinel:/etc/openldap/ldif # slapadd -v -l seaan.struct.ldif
added: "cn=root,dc=seaan,dc=net" (00000001)
slapadd: dn="o=seaan.net ag,dc=seaan,dc=net" (line=17): (65)
unrecognized objectClass 'domain'

dn: o=seaan.net ag,dc=seaan,dc=net
objectclass: top
objectclass: domain
objectclass: organization
o: seaan.net ag
l: Reinach
postalcode: 5734
streetaddress: Europastrasse 7

domain comes from cosine.schema. Check that you have an 'include /path/to/cosine.schema' statement in your slapd.conf.

There is one more error here, unrelated to this problem.
You cannot use organisation and domain in the same object
and you must use domaincomponent together with domain.
You'll run into these as soon as you've fixed the current