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Re: help, openldap-2.1.xx, host attribute - I try, try, try....and nothing :(

> By now it's impossible to guess what you did wrong and you're
> stuck trying the same thing over and over again and not giving
> much helpful information. Whatever you have done to your schema
> is probably irreversible, so not worth troubleshooting.
> Start again from scratch. Delete your modified schemata, put
> back the original ones. Delete your tree, start with a fresh
> one. This way you will only be fighting the actual problem,
> not previous mistakes too.
> First, think long and good whether you can use another attribute
> instead of 'host'. If you can, use it.

I did it.

> If not, do 'grep -ir host /etc/openldap/schema/*'. See how many
> host entries you have and whether they conflict in any way. For
> example, one schema might say that host is an object class and
> another that it is an attribute. Indeed, cosine says that host
> is an attribute and your self-made schema from yesterday says it
> is a structural object class. You can't do that. It will take you
> far less time and far less annoyance to read up a bit on the basic
> schema principles, than to convince slapd to accept something it
> doesn't like.
> Also, in one of yesterday's postings you created an object class
> 'host' with a (MAY host). That's circular: you cannot add an object
> to itself. Don't do that either.
> When you think that you've got your schema right, increase logging.
> BTW, you can set loglevel to any value you want and you still won't
> see any logs unless you define local4.* in your syslog.conf and
> restart syslog.
> Install the latest version of gq, that's 1.0.x. It gives nice
> error messages, it shows you allowed and mandatory attributes
> and it also gives you a much clearer overview of the relation
> between different object classes and their attributes than you
> can get by reading the raw schemata. Keep in mind that you must
> have exactly one structural object class per object, no more,
> no less.
> Now use gq to add your entry. Experiment, watch the error messages
> *and* the logs. Soon enough you will know exactly what is wrong.
> When you do, post it here. And stop CC-ing your postings to people
> on the list because then they get them twice.

I instaled gq - its super :) works with my ldap server :)))
Sorry for my CC :(

Thank all for help!

Sorry for my poor english ;)