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Re: OpenLDAP in the Enterprise: Performance issues, etc.

On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, Forrest Aldrich wrote:

> I'm doing some research to facilitate building an enterprise-level email
> system, for a VISP-type environment, that would potentiall support 100's
> of thousands of users (maybe more).

Have you searched through this mailing list? There have been a few past
discussions on this, including my own experience:-


> Each user would have at least 5 mailboxes.  And for this application, I
> believe a directory service would come into play.

My setup above also includes VISP, directory entries are straight forward,
only issue is arranging the mailbox storage on your disk subsystem for
performance. (More a mailbox I/O issue, not an LDAP/MySQL issue).

> A few people I've spoken with have expressed concerns about OpenLDAP
> performace under such high load, opting for MySQL or something else.

So far I have no performance issues with OpenLDAP in my setup above. I
don't have MySQL as same role as comparison, so I can't comment on MySQL
for this.

Usually (in simple email services) you would probably hit disk I/O loads
first before LDAP/SQL.. but still depends on your particular system.

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