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Re: OpenLDAP and Kerberos 5?

OpenLDAP supports the SASL/GSSAPI mechanism (via Cyrus SASL) for
Kerberos authentication.  See the Admin Guide for information
regarding this.

Some Kerberos KDCs, such as the Heimdal KDC, support using of
an LDAP server as their underlying database.  Discussion of how
to use such is a topic more suited to a list supporting the
specific KDC.


At 10:13 AM 2/23/2004, pll+ldap@permabit.com wrote:

>Hi all,
>Can anyone point me to docs or info on integrating LDAP with Kerberos 5?
>We currently have a krb5 environment working with all our Linux 
>systems, but directory services is non-existent (combination of 
>hesiod and other various flat files scattered around).
>We'd like to centralize everything to LDAP, but leave the actual 
>authentication to Kerberos.  Is this something easily done?
>Or is LDAP used as a proxy to Kerberos (not desirable).
>Thanks for any info.
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