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Invalid Credentials using hashed password

Hello all,

I am having a problem using the ldap client utilities with a hashed password.
Here are the logical steps I have performed:

1. Set up slapd.conf as noted in the openldap admin guide (with our minor modifications to it)
2. Ran slappasswd -s password to get the SSHA value. Copied and pasted into the slapd.conf file after the rootpw parameter.
3. At this point I can add some entries in using a command such as "ldapadd -f entries.ldif -x -D "cn=ldapman,dc=example,dc=com" -w password".
The problem is at some point (possibly after stopping and starting the ldap service), I get the invalid credentials error when trying to search or add more entries. If I re-run the slappasswd -s password command and re-copy and paste it into the slapd.conf file, I am able to perform ldap client operations again - until the next time it gives me the invalid credentials message.
I can't seem to find the common denominator of when the hashed password can not be read by the ldap client utilities but it could possibly be after a stop and start of the ldap service.
Anyone have any idea why I have to keep rehashing the same password over and over and re-entering it over and over into the slapd.conf file in order to make changes, additions, etc, etc???
Thanks in advance,