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slave server

I have been through Gerald Carter's LDAP System Administration Guide and
openldap administration guide and one thing is not clear to me...

On my slave server... Is it ok to have ACL's to allow write privileges
such as...

access to dn=".*,ou=People,o=Mullen,c=US"
        by dn="cn=root,o=Mullen,c=US" write
        by dn="cn=admin,o=Mullen,c=US" write
        by self write
        by * auth

because I have this...

updatedn        "cn=admin,o=Mullen,c=US"
updateref       ldaps://linserv2.mullenpr.com/

??? - Obviously, I want the changes written to the master (linserv2)
which then are replicated to the slave (replication works fine).