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Re: Trying to restore ldap database

fre, 20.02.2004 kl. 09.01 skrev Campbell McKilligan:

> Is there a way to populate/migrate the new server with the records from 
> the old server?  I can install the previous version of openldap if there 
> is more hope of doing it that way.

I think you'll find library conflicts between the old version and the
new one. That includes just about *everything*. I can't see a way
without restoring the whole server, with the old OS.

> A quick glance at the /var/lib/ldap directory shows me that the old 
> server had .gdbm files and the new one seems to be creating .dbb files.

bdb. Yes. The BDB library version is o.k. (there's a later one now), but
the Openldap version should be updated to 2.1.25/26 as soon as possible.



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