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Outlook standard search times out

Title: Outlook standard search times out


the standard search filter outlook users when searching for an X.509 certificate of an email address is

"(&(mail=*)(|(mail=John.Doe@anycomp.com*)(cn=John.Doe@anycomp.com*)(sn=John.Doe@anycomp.com*) (givenName=John.Doe@anycomp.com*)(displayName=John.Doe@anycomp.com*)))"

A ldapsearch using this filter times out on our openldap with about 210.000 user entries. After I created substring indexes over all of this attributes, it got faster, of course, but still is very slow and there still are timeouts sometimes. Every single combination like


works fast, but together the filter virtually does not work at all. I already tried to use ACLs to eliminate anonymous search over sn, givenname, displayname, but this does not speed up the search - I think the ldapsearch on this attributes  is still taking place, only the results are not shown (?)

Obviously, the asterisk at the end of every mail-address does not speed up things at all…

Does anybody have a hint?

Thanks & kind regards,