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Re: Monitor with 2.2.5

Am Di, 2004-02-17 um 16.02 schrieb Pierangelo Masarati:
> all the "real data" is stored in operational attributes,
> i.e. you must explicitly request them.  Use the attribute
> names you want, or '+' for all of them.

Thanks for the answer, Is there a list of supported attribute names and
their meanings ? Using a query like 

ldapsearch -x -D "cn=tgadmin,cn=Monitor" -w ***** -b "cn=Monitor"
'objectclass=*' -x -H ldap://marvin:10389 +

is still get some empty entries like 

# Start, Time, Monitor
dn: cn=Start,cn=Time,cn=Monitor
structuralObjectClass: monitoredObject
monitorTimestamp: 20040217140030Z
createTimestamp: 20040217140030Z
modifyTimestamp: 20040217140030Z
subschemaSubentry: cn=Subschema
hasSubordinates: FALSE

Bye, Carsten 

Carsten Zerbst, Atlantec Enterprise Solutions, Hamburg