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Laptop LDAPcache ?

I'm sorry if this mail is a bit rambling, but it grew as I wrote it. I'm
trying to find the best way to configure a linuxlaptop wrt. to user

In that regard, this discussion:

suggests that you setup slapd+slurpd on the laptop to replicate the data
locally and then authenticate against that. It also mentiones a problem
relating to the fact that the local shoudldn't keep a cache over other
users than the last few who logged in. 

How should I set up OpenLDAP localy on a laptop so that I can cache
logins for users who travel, but make sure that the cache is updated
when they get back to base and also so that not all users are downloaded
to the local box? (or at least not all the users passwords).

Is this a job for syncrepl or LDAPProxy? I'm a bit at loss to see which
one is the best for this job. I looked at syncrepl, but I was hoping for
a caching mechanism that relates to the user that is trying to log in to
the machine.

Has anyone else made any thoughts on this? As OpenLDAP is the way
forward when deploying desktop Linux in networked contexts, this needs
to be sorted out.

Thank you for your time.