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RE: How to make a "symbolic link" in openldap ?

lør, 14.02.2004 kl. 15.29 skrev Howard Chu:

> > > Create an alias object and allow the clients to follow referrals.
> No. Alias Dereferencing is not the same as following a referral. The client
> sets flags in the LDAP Search request telling the server to follow aliases or
> not, and the server does so. Referrals are simply returned by the server, and
> left to the client to follow.
> > Which solution then excludes common LDAPv2 clients, such as Mozilla,
> > Netscape, Evolution and probably many more :(
> Aliases were already present in LDAPv2, what has LDAPv2/v3 got to do with
> anything?

What indeed? Just that the above clients, together with umpteen others,
at the same time demand  LDAPv2 connectivity and do not understand
either aliases or dereferencing - have no configurable option for these.

Posting should have read: "Configuring many widely-used clients for
aliases is not an option".



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