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Re: Creating "symbolic-links" in the ldap-tree

In a message dated: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 13:28:34 +0100
"F.J.Bosscha" said:
>In unix terminology I would call it a symbolic link.
>How can I make this this to work.

Another way could be to create 'groups' and make everyone members of 
the groups.

Not that you have the choice or ability to change your LDAP 
hierarchy, but I prefer to not group people by organization, since 
they can move, or as you've discovered, be located in multiple orgs.

I'm setting my  hierarchy up such that 'people' end up under a 
'people' objectClass, then I have 'groups' for things like QA, 
Development, Management, etc.  This way, if one person moves from 
group to group, I need to just change their group designator, but if 
they are in multiple groups simultaneously, it's easy to list them 
that way too.

Just some thoughts I've had that might be useful to you or others on 
this list facing similar dilemmas.

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