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OpenLDAP and BIG mail environments

Admittedly this is only partially related to OpenLDAP because we use OpenLDAP for maintaining our user database.

Is anyone working, running, or has experience with large (> 100,000) user mail systems, particularly those making heavy use of IMAP and using components like Postfix, Courier-IMAP, Maildrop, etc.  We're working on a Postfix/Courier-IMAP setup backed by our OpenLDAP user database but we're very IMAP dependent and will likely need to support several hundred thousand users.  I'd love to pick someone's brain about any potential issues with OpenLDAP with larger data sets and also the more general topic of hanlding a mail system that large.  Feel free to contact me off group if you have mail server stuff advice that isn't OpenLDAP relevant too.

We're currently supporting 20,000 users on a Mirapoint mail system backed by a server running OpenLDAP 2.1.25 with DB 4.2.52 behind.  Things are currently running quite well but we're rearchitecting our system and we're told that we may be brining in 20,000+ users a month on a feature limited version of our product which only supports mail (voice mail to be specific).  Our product stores messages (voice mail, email, fax) in our email server which we're building anew ourselves using the above mentioned components.  Clearly the mail server and LDAP in that case will get a good workout...

Thanks in advance for your help!