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Re: One user in different OU's

"Colin Chalmers" <Colin.Chalmers@xs4all.nl> writes:

> Hi all,
> I'm just trying to touch base with how I perceive Ldap to work, which I
> think is along the Netscape lines.
> An OrgPerson is part of the people OU such as ou=people,o=company,c=nl
> But what I really want to do is associate that person with an actual ou,
> or several ou's actually. So I would have all my users in ou=people but
> that same person is also part of ou=development AND ou=sales.
> I'm not sure how I can define this(in Ldif), if it's correct use of Ldap
> and if one doesn't get conflicts with DN's, which are supposed to uniquely
> identify a user.
> Any comments/help appreciated

If you have openldap-2.2.x you may use objectclass alias and the
attribute aliasedObjectName to point to a real entry.

dn:cn=some user,ou=development,o=myCompany
objectclass: extensibleObject
aliasedObjectName:cn=some name,ou=people,o=myCompany
cn:some name


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