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Re: sendmail.shema


>>> "Robin M." <robin@primus.ca> 02/10/04 05:58pm >>>
Hi I am kinda new to this list.

I am setting up a mailserver with ldap. I have seen reference that
are using a file called sendmail.schema.

I found a copy of sendmail.schema somewhere on the internet but when I
penldap with the included file I get the error.

[robin@pdc]# /etc/init.d/ldap start
Starting slapd: /etc/openldap/schema/extra/sendmail.schema: line 137:
AttributeType inappropriate matching rule: "caseIgnoreMatch"

I am using openldap version 2.1.25 on redhat 9

I am wondering if there is an original location for this schema file
may have the latest updates.


Hi Robin,

You need to edit line 137 of sendmail.schema and change caseIgnoreMatch
to caseIgnoreIA5Match.