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RE: Rif: Re: Slapd stops working after a NOT graceful shutdown

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> --On Tuesday, February 10, 2004 1:14 PM +0100 Walter Vendraminetto
> <lists@zonatex.net> wrote:
> > I want to avoid DB failure after a crash: it looks like something
> > deterministic.
> > One of the replica servers uses OpenLDAP 2.0.27 with an
> earlier version of
> > BDB, and it has never had this kind of problem in the past.

> Walter,
> IIRC, OpenLDAP 2.0 series would run a db_recover inside of slapd on
> startup, thus masking most issues caused by crashes.  There were some
> problems with this method (like if you run multiple slapd's
> at the same time), so that was removed from 2.1 and later.

Close, except for the version references. OpenLDAP 2.0 only provided
back-ldbm, which has no notion of db_recover at all. Early releases of
OpenLDAP 2.1 did an automatic recover on back-bdb, and that was later
disabled to prevent inadvertently destroying the BDB environment when
multiple slap binaries were executed.

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