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Re: Openlap and BDB updates: update question

lør, 07.02.2004 kl. 18.44 skrev Andreas:

> > Is this a correct assumption? Do I need to recompile slapd (and the
> > other associated server and client binaries and libraries) after having
> > done a BDB update? To my mind I do.
> Only if slapd is linked statically with db. RH, for example, ships openldap
> this way by default, they even bundle db inside the openldap src.rpm package.
> > But it's not just Openldap: Other completely independent services linked
> > with BDB have to be recompiled too. Hassle upon hassle.
> Only if linked statically, then yes.

Thanks, Andreas. There was an interesting BBC radio program (medium
wave, only for Northern Europe near Britain) about Conectiva, her role
in Brazil and open source in Brazil, the other day (you weren't on it).
I meant to write to you, but never got around to it. Apparently
Conectiva is no mean player (like "Conectiva"="huge").


I wish that mailing-list people would stop CC'ing me.
Chances (95%) are that if they do, the CC will never
make it, anyway.

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