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Openlap and BDB updates: update question

Duty-bound details:

BDB 4.2.52, both patches
Openldap 2.2.5

I had BDB 4.2.52, with a single patch. Along comes a new patch. I do a
clean 'zcat db-4.2.52.NC.tar.gz | tar -xvf -', patch the source with
both patches, do a clean configure "--options", make, make install.
A.o.k., no problem.

But, the question is: 'ldd' and 'strings' on the original 2.2.5 slapd
binary tells me that it has BDB linked as *static* libraries. So
presumably, my new BDB install doesn't count, as far as slapd is
concerned. I decide to recompile the whole of Openldap 2.2.5 again, run
'make test' and 'make install' so as to include the new, static BDB
libraries. Costs time.

Is this a correct assumption? Do I need to recompile slapd (and the
other associated server and client binaries and libraries) after having
done a BDB update? To my mind I do.

But it's not just Openldap: Other completely independent services linked
with BDB have to be recompiled too. Hassle upon hassle.

Thanks ;)



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