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RE: Openlap and BDB updates: update question

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> Duty-bound details:
> BDB 4.2.52, both patches
> Openldap 2.2.5
> I had BDB 4.2.52, with a single patch. Along comes a new patch. I do a
> clean 'zcat db-4.2.52.NC.tar.gz | tar -xvf -', patch the source with
> both patches, do a clean configure "--options", make, make install.
> A.o.k., no problem.
> But, the question is: 'ldd' and 'strings' on the original 2.2.5 slapd
> binary tells me that it has BDB linked as *static* libraries. So
> presumably, my new BDB install doesn't count, as far as slapd is
> concerned. I decide to recompile the whole of Openldap 2.2.5
> again, run
> 'make test' and 'make install' so as to include the new, static BDB
> libraries. Costs time.
> Is this a correct assumption? Do I need to recompile slapd (and the
> other associated server and client binaries and libraries)
> after having
> done a BDB update? To my mind I do.
> But it's not just Openldap: Other completely independent
> services linked
> with BDB have to be recompiled too. Hassle upon hassle.

This post sounds to me like a general gripe about Berkeley DB. Somehow I
don't think it belongs here. It may also be a gripe about program maintenance
in general on a (specific?) Linux platform. Again, why is this here? Neither
of these issues are factors under our control.

If this were a general programming forum, I might mention that on platforms
that support shared libraries, you can generally just rebuild/reinstall the
individual shared library after applying a patch. This assumes that the patch
doesn't change any visible aspects of the API. If any features of the API
have changed (function signatures, data structure elements, etc.) then you
must recompile all your dependent software as well. If your platform supports
shared libraries but your dependent software linked it statically, you might
investigate why the shared library was not used in a particular link.

None of this is specific to OpenLDAP software, you should know all this

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