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Re: Openlap and BDB updates: update question

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Hello all,

Thanks Quanah, Kurt and Mr. Chu for all your answers.

Kurt wrote:
> I suspect the change in linking is simply due to differences in
> how Berkeley 4.1 v 4.2 were installed on the system.  In particular,
> I suspect the later was installed with a .la file.

Although I don't know what a .la file is, the important message that I *do* 
get from your post, is that openldap should, automatically, build shared 
libraries with DBD 4.2.x

Apparently, it doesn't do that for at least 2 users of openldap on this list.

Now, where should people who experience this particular issue, go ?

Should all users of openLDAP have a degree in compiling/linking/checking 
changing altering build environments, etc etc.?

Why ? Why is that ? Are we, and am I, supposed to know everything you know ?

Using openldap should have been a trouble free experience. Downloading a .rpm 
or .deb, installing it, reading the documentation once or twice, and any 
half-witted sysadmin should be able to run an openldap server, build 
aplications around it, and generally be happy. That's how it works with many 
other software packages.

The fact that it wasn't such an easy ride, prompted me and undoubtfully many 
others, to join the openldap list, as it is the place to discuss the use of 

I am here to search for answers that I can not find otherwise (i.e. by simply 
reading the openldap documentation).

On a mailinglist, we expect to find other people with similar experiences, 
alternative ideas, and in general, help and links to other places where a 
problem can be solved. The archive and Google are our friends.

On the mailinglist, we also expect the developers and experts to step in 
whenever there is a misconception, an issue that only the developers know 
about, and in general things that developers can tell the users that users 
otherwise would't know.

I don't know about others, but I almost never file an ITS. Why ? Because going 
to the mailinglist first, may point out that my disk is full (it happened), 
my network cable was unplugged (ditto), or other less obvious solutions to a 
problem. Only if I can't get confirmation that it was ME who did something 
wrong, and I have enough 'evidence' that there is something not quite right, 
I will file an ITS. In that way I hope the real bugs get real attention and 
the ITS system is not clogged by what are actual support questions.

Now, Tony found that BDB 4.2.x was statically linked instead of using shared 
libraries. Instead of thinking about that issue, asking more information, or 
even sitting back and watching how it develops, the first reaction from a 
highly experiences developer is - GO AWAY THIS QUESTION DOES NOT BELONG HERE.

Well, actually another user has the same issue. Other developers step in, 
saying that it's probably a change in build environment. Maybe it is. But I 
am not aware of any changes I made to the build environment (maybe I pressed 
a hidden key on the keyboard ? Maybe it's a MartianCrab that changed it for 
me?) and anything to do with the build environment is over my head.

What am I supposed to do now ? What are users of openLDAP supposed to do ?


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