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Re: ldap...

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Hi Bruce,

> thus, the reason i posted to the mailing list... and yeah.. if there's an
> openldap solution for what i'm looking for, then i imagine this should be
> as good a place as any for the answer..

If you have read http://www.openldap.org/lists/#charter, and I quote:

'OpenLDAP Software (OpenLDAP-software) 
This mailing list is for technical discussions related to the use of OpenLDAP 
Software (as well as JLDAP and JDBC-LDAP). All users of OpenLDAP Software 
should subscribe to this list. This list can have a high volume of messages.'

.. then you should have known that this was *not* the good place to ask it.

The developers, who devote a large part of their free time to maintaining and 
improving the software, understandably, don't want to spend time on these 
kind of questions.

However, others on the list (non-developers) sometimes try to help.

> i was actually looking for a "live" implementation, if someone knew if one
> exists... i've already reviewed the sourceforge/freshmeat apps...

If you reviewed the sourceforge/freshmeat apps, and haven't found any project 
with a demo site running that suits your needs, you're probably out of luck.

> i'm trying to minimize the time i spend chasing my tail to implement
> this...

All people on this list can understand that. But you must understand, that 
openldap is probably just a part, a component, of the solution you are 
looking for. Your question could be on the mysql list, the postgresql list, 
the 'flat-text-data-storage list', if that one exists... openLDAP on itself 
can never fullfill your quest. Neither can mysql, postgresql etc etc...

I hope this message was usefull for you and I wish you good luck with your 
searches. Please do come back when you become a user of openLDAP software or 
have technical issues pertaining the use of openLDAP etc. etc.




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