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RE: ldap...

i was actually looking for a "live" implementation, if someone knew if one
exists... i've already reviewed the sourceforge/freshmeat apps...

i'm trying to minimize the time i spend chasing my tail to implement this...

thus, the reason i posted to the mailing list... and yeah.. if there's an
openldap solution for what i'm looking for, then i imagine this should be as
good a place as any for the answer..


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This is really a generic LDAP question and not specific to OpenLDAP,  so
this list is the wrong place.

> the reason i was looking at ldap is to implement a web based "open source"
> app for allowing people to enter their information, as well as photos. the
> app would allow people to be able to look through the directory of people
> to search through the database of people...


> can ldap be used to do this. can anybody point me to an ldap
> on the web that i can kind of play around with to check this out...

Check out www.freshmeat.net;  there is a myriad of such things.
Possibly too many.