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RE: Multi-threaded Client Development With libldap_r

Use of a pool is possible, and in fact, I have started implementing a pool
for use in the library.  This library may service a pretty significant
number of requests per second, and a pool of say 10 connections will not
meet the performance needs of the application.  If each request must grab a
connection from the pool and lock it until it has finished performing an
extensive search and result enumeration, performance is not going to drop
through the floor.

That is why having a fully thread-safe library is key, as I can reuse a
single handle for multiple search and result enumeration operations
simultaneously.  Add to that a connection pool, and performance is great.

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Jason Raneses wrote:
> I'm developing a library which uses libldap_r and it must service 
> simultaneous search requests on a single open connection.

Why are you limited to a single connection?
No way to use an LDAP connection pool?

Ciao, Michael.