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Hi All

I have choosen Kerberos V5 for SSO. I have already tried gssapi samples for
all the three OS and they work fine. So I know that my configuration has no
such issues. My mission is to develop a generalised libraray so that I do
not face any problem when I want to add certificate support/TLS to the
server thru ldap.

a) As my authentication servers(KDC) are more or less independent of
directory services, am I forced to use authentication thru directory??? 
clientapp --> LDAP --> SASL/GSSAPI --> KDC --> Tickets
clientapp --> SASL/GSSAPI --> KDC --> Tickets
I am confused in the basic approaches????

b) If I want to use thru directory then I suppose we have to use it as a
plugins???? Or is there any other way.

c) Can I use Cyrus SASL as a framework for authentication or not ????