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RE: Purely LDAP-based Automounts

This discussion is not specific to OpenLDAP software and therefore does not
belong on this mailing list. Most likely your problems are related to NSS.
Please take this discussion to an appropriate forum, like nssldap@padl.com.

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> Hello!
> > But, there is no reason for autofs to mount any "real"
> mount points when
> > you restart autofs, they should only be mounted (and thus
> you will see the
> > ldap searches from autofs in the logs) when accessed.
> I now, just how autofs always works. But when i try to access
> the directory,
> it isn't there, as if i would have set it up with auto.master
> and, for instance,
> auto.home.
> When trying to set automount to "files ldap" in nsswitch.conf
> and adding the
> line "/home ldap:,o=ait,c=com"
> autofs creates
> the directory "/home", but it doesn't automount "test" within
> this dir when
> trying to access via cd.
> No ldap searches in the syslog...
> LDAP itself works, user authentication ok.
> Thanks.
> MfG,
> Michael Lackner
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