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Re: Automount on Solaris 8 + OpenLDAP

--On Sunday, February 01, 2004 1:11 AM -0500 Asif Iqbal <iqbala@qwestip.net> wrote:

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Hi All

I am looking for "How-to" on adding automount on Solaris 8 + OpenLDAP.
This way when my users login there home directory will be automatcally
mounted and when they logout it will unmount his account. Similar to NIS+
. I am in the process of switching to OpenLDAP from NIS+. I also need to
find out how I can add a host to my ldap hosts list so my users can be
authenticated from a central ldap server

Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated


has the commands to run from the OpenLDAP side. That won't answer your authentication bit... we allow anonymous binds from solaris systems to our central LDAP servers as long as they are in our domain.


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