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RE: Disabling transaction logging for slapadd (2.1.25, bdb)

On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Frank Swasey wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 at 4:41pm, Howard Chu wrote:
> > The DB_TXN_NOT_DURABLE flag is not provided in Sleepycat db-4.1.25. It's a
> > good idea to thoroughly read the actual documentation for the version of
> > software you're using and making sure you understand it before wandering off
> > in the fog.
> Unfortunately, the sleepycat documentation is no longer being maintained
> for 4.1 (in fact, I can't find it)... all you can find from their
> website is for 4.2.  So, it's very hard not to "wander off in the fog"
> since all Sleepycat seems to offer is fog... they do NOT make it clear
> that you are looking at 4.2 documentation that does NOT apply to 4.1.

4.1 docs come with the berkeley 4.1 distro.