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RE: Disabling transaction logging for slapadd (2.1.25, bdb)

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 at 4:41pm, Howard Chu wrote:

> The DB_TXN_NOT_DURABLE flag is not provided in Sleepycat db-4.1.25. It's a
> good idea to thoroughly read the actual documentation for the version of
> software you're using and making sure you understand it before wandering off
> in the fog.

Unfortunately, the sleepycat documentation is no longer being maintained
for 4.1 (in fact, I can't find it)... all you can find from their
website is for 4.2.  So, it's very hard not to "wander off in the fog"
since all Sleepycat seems to offer is fog... they do NOT make it clear
that you are looking at 4.2 documentation that does NOT apply to 4.1.

> And a tip for folks with the misguided belief that the FAQ-o-Matic is useless
> because it provides no Search command - try Googling "openldap faq bdb" ...

And how long does something have to be in the FAQ-o-Matic before google
gets back to re-index that URL (hint, it ain't instantaneous)???  Last I
heard, google was on a thirty day cycle and I'm not sure whether
google's algorithm is scalable enough to keep up with the expansion rate
of the web.  Bottom line, the FAQ-o-Matic really should have it's own
decent search (so should the mailinglist archives, but that's another
can of worms).

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