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Running configure?

Hey all,

Is there better help on how to run the configure script than what is in the
Admin guide or the --help option? The Admin guide is of no use at all and
the --help option only explains option existence and syntax, not what each
option means or how to use it.

I'm trying to get the stuff installed/built on Mac OS X, but everything I
try ends up telling me "cannot find sources in <whatever path I give it>"

I try

./configure --srcdir=./libraries
./configure --srcdir=./include
./configure --srcdir-./libraries/liblber

I can't seem to find any useful examples of how to run the configure script
with options. Everything I've found so far just says "run ./configure then
run make depends and you're ready to build!"

What sources is it looking for? Why does it default to . and .., since there
is no OpenLDAP code above the directory where the configure script resides?

Any help would be immensly appreciated.

Terribly frustrated,