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Re: Running configure?


"Matt Harp" <mharp@seapine.com> writes:

> Hey all,
> Is there better help on how to run the configure script than what is in the
> Admin guide or the --help option? The Admin guide is of no use at all and
> the --help option only explains option existence and syntax, not what each
> option means or how to use it.
> I'm trying to get the stuff installed/built on Mac OS X, but everything I
> try ends up telling me "cannot find sources in <whatever path I give it>"
> I try
> ./configure
> ./configure --srcdir=./libraries
> ./configure --srcdir=./include
> ./configure --srcdir-./libraries/liblber
> I can't seem to find any useful examples of how to run the configure script
> with options. Everything I've found so far just says "run ./configure then
> run make depends and you're ready to build!"
> What sources is it looking for? Why does it default to . and .., since there
> is no OpenLDAP code above the directory where the configure script resides?

You shouldn't give any path unless your configure and Makefile are not
within the same directory, so just change to your untared openldap
directory and run ./configure. 
If you don't know why you have to set a full stop and a slash, read
some basic docs about your shell.
The GCC-HOWTO is linux based but is aplicable to almost any Unix


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