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Re: creating links

Quoting Lukas Meyer <lukas@msys.ch>:

> Let us assume I created two knots in an ldap tree. First is
> ou=people,o=example and second ou=others,o=example. Now I create the
> object cn=John Doe,ou=people,o=example. Now I want to create like a
> link in ou=other,o=example that points  to the person cn=John
> Doe,ou=people,o=example. Is this possible? And if so, how? Because I
> need to put the same person under different objects and they should
> all point to the same person in case someone is going to change an
> attribute of this person, the attributes of all "links" have to change.
> Does anyone knows how I can do that?

This is called 'referals'. I'm note sure how to do them with out looking
in the manual, but it's quite simple if I remember correctly (never done
them myself)...